Koropp Kash


Our Unique Qualities

Keeping Our Office FUN!!!!!

Dr. Koropp feels it is very important to make his orthodontic practice as fun for his patients as possible. Throughout the year, we offer ongoing activities such as our Koropp Kash Program, contests, and various dress up days.

Koropp Kash

Dr. Koropp actually pays you at each orthodontic visit once you have started active orthodontic treatment! Yep…you read this correctly. Dr. Koropp gives you Koropp Kash dollars at your orthodontic appointments that you can save up for some really cool prizes as your treatment progresses!

This program is lots of fun and gives patients incentive to be a great orthodontic patient.

How the program works:

At the beginning of active orthodontic treatment (placement of braces), our patients can start collecting Koropp Kash. They can earn one Koropp Kash dollar for each of the following:

  • Good oral hygiene
  • Being on time for orthodontic check-ups
  • No loose or broken appliances
  • Keeping you regularly scheduled appointment
  • Wearing your Koropp t-shirt (that is given once treatment has started)

Bonus Koropp Kash can be earned:

  • Twice a year, a patient can present a report card with all A’s and B’s for five (5) Koropp Kash dollars.
  • Twice a year, a patient can participate in a community service and receive five (5) Koropp Kash dollars.
  • Referrals of friends or family will earn you five (5) Koropp Kash dollars and can be earned every time a referral is made. (Your name must be given to us by the person you referred to ensure you get the Koropp Kash.)
  • Twice a year, visiting your regular dentist for a general check up and cleaning and presenting us with the hygiene card from your visit (ask our technicians for one of these cards).  You will receive ten (10) Koropp Kash dollars for each visit!
  • If Dr. Koropp or one of our staff see you outside the office with your t-shirt on you will receive 5 Koropp Kash.

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